Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Setting Traditions Catalog Coming Next Week

Hello Fellow Tablescaping Hostesses!

Our new summer catalog is coming out next week and we at Setting Traditions are so excited. It is packed with fun and exciting home decor and entertainment pieces for summer and fall or for anytime throughout the year! We have added new pages and our center spread is a bulletin board of our favorite people...yes our customers or rather our customers' fabulous tablescapes! If you are interested in receiving a catalog...go to www.settingtraditions.com and put your name in the box! We will gladly send one to you!

Tablescaping Tip of the Day: Carve out a little space in your home for sesonal decorations and decorate around the upcoming holiday. It's okay if it does not match your home decor as long as you use the same space...an entryway buffet or table is perfect. Mothers Day is coming so it can be decorated with flowers, spring colors or pretty candleholders.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Setting Traditions Home Party Press Release

(Setting Traditions Press Release)



ALISO VIEJO, CA -- Call it hostess anxiety. While sunny summer holidays brings out the Party Goddess in some women, there are many who are so design-challenged, they cringe at the thought of formal entertaining because setting the focal point of the entire party—the table—can be so intimidating.

Charlene Davis, of Setting Traditions, has come up with the 10-second table that can transform even an ordinary platter or pitcher into the focal point of any summer holiday. Using simple sheers, ribbons and garland, Davis is out to make a Party Goddesses out of even the most homespun hostess.

Charlene is the founder of Setting Traditions a home party company that teaches the tricks of the trade so that even the most design-challenged woman with hostess anxiety learns to channel her inner décor diva. Charlene and her trained consultants show folks at home parties how to transform their table settings into the envy of everyone in the neighborhood.

And you don’t have to be at all “artsy” to do it. Charlene should know. A Certified Public Accountant by trade, Charlene’s passion for entertaining and bringing friends and family to the table sparked her idea for Setting Traditions.

“I can prove to anyone that you don’t have to be creative or artistic to get the beautiful tablescapes that you admire in magazines and catalogues,” said Charlene.

Let Charlene tell you in her own words:

Q: What is Tablescaping?
A: What we do at Setting Traditions is called tablescaping…it’s the fancy word for the most artful way you can set your table that is the most pleasing to the eye and makes that scrumptious dinner or dessert you’re serving look it’s best!

Q: How does Setting Traditions work?
A: I or one of my trained consultants will come to your home, where you’ve invited a few of your friends and family. I will demonstrate and give you practical decorating tips using our one-of-a-kind décor you can only find at Setting Traditions.

If you want to be a Setting Traditions consultant, we will train you! We find that women with a passion for beautiful things and having beautiful settings for their homes love this opportunity to be a trained consultant. It’s also a great business opportunity, because our consultants get a percentage of sales from the Setting Traditions items they sell at a home party.

Q: Give us some 10 second summer tablescape ideas – (SEE ATTACHED PHOTOS)
A: Layer Hot pink and orange sheers around a serving platter, add a few sea shells to accent and a glass bowl with sand/shells and a candle – you have an instant luau.

Or, for Memorial Day, Fourth of July, or Labor Day, use the same serving pieces, but accent with red/white and blue sheers, a bright star candle and patriotic garland

Or, for Margaritas and Mexican food, try xxxxx

Q: What is Setting Traditions?
A: Our business is transforming anyone into the hostess they are meant to be! Without the anxiety and stress…without the fuss and worry. We help you make entertaining fun and easy, so you can enjoy the friends and family that surround your table. And that’s what entertaining all is about. It doesn’t have to be formal and stiff; it’s about bringing the people you love together, and feeling good about what you’ve set before them.

By using the most basic pieces of materials and décor you purchase from Setting Traditions, I or my trained consultants can show women how to transform their table into the fabulous backdrop for any kind of celebration.

Setting Traditions was formed in 2006 and is a closely-held corporation based in Aliso Viejo California. In the first year, the company has signed more than 250 design consultants across the country. The company is currently in the process of raising capital to fund growth. The company website is at www.settingtraditions.com.


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Tips, Trends and Traditions at Setting Traditions


I am just coming into the new century and decided to do a company blog. This is a company blog for Setting Traditions Home Parties and I will update it every day to share some tips and trends in the Tablescaping world with the many friends of Setting Traditions. Setting Traditions is a home party company. Our independent Designers (no design experience necessary) teach groups of women how to use our products to create the 10 minute Tablescape! If you want more info on Tablescaping, working from home or home parties visit the website at http://www.settingtraditions.com/.